Jun 26: GoJS 1.5 has been released

Flowchart Sankey Diagram Org Chart Data Visualization State Chart Mind Map Dynamic Ports Demo Regrouping Demo

GoJS is a feature-rich JavaScript library for implementing interactive diagrams across modern browsers and platforms. GoJS makes constructing diagrams of complex Nodes, Links, and Groups easy with customizable templates and layouts.

GoJS offers many advanced features for user interactivity such as drag-and-drop, copy-and-paste, in-place text editing, templates, data binding and models, transactional state and undo management, palettes, overviews, event handlers, commands, and an extensible tool system for custom operations.

GoJS is pure JavaScript, so users get interactivity without requiring round-trips to servers and without plugins such as Flash or Silverlight. GoJS normally runs completely in the browser, without any server-side requirements. GoJS does not depend on any JavaScript libraries or frameworks, so it should work with any HTML5 or JavaScript framework or with no framework at all.

When upgrading to a newer version, please read the Change Log.

You can explore the newest features and samples in the GoJS Beta for the next version. Read the beta change log for the new features. Please note that our GitHub directory does not have the beta files.